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The Carrot and the Stick - The Motivation in the Marketing

Graphic Design, Advertising, Marketing

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Ideas, Concepts, Possibilities

No one knows your business better than you. So we start by listening. Years of experience means we know all the right questions to ask. Together we are able to review your marketing efforts to date and determine what's needed.


Making the Human Connection

Pretty images are not enough. Effective design is both attractive and compelling. Engaging your audience and motivating them to action is essential.


Nothing Happens Until Somebody Does Something

Call to action is what it's about. What is it you want to happen? Think of it as BOTH attraction AND promotion, or, the carrot and the stick. Effective design can pull, while effective marketing can push to make things happen the way you want.


No Two Projects Are Alike

It's not easy or realistic to share a lifetime of experience on a website. We know that out of the thousands of projects over the years, no two are alike. We will be happy to share related materials and references upon request. Let's talk, find out where you want to go and how we can get you there.


Graphic Design, Advertising, Marketing

Graphic design for print - ads, brochures, flyers, direct mail
Corporate identity and branding
Photography, videography, multimedia
Website creation and development
Copy writing, marketing plan creation
Exhibit design, product packaging


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