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Ogilvy on Advertising

Aprili 4, 2013

Gift prints, name art website and new facebook page

New expanded line of children's gift art available at sandysartcart.com

Please stop by for a visit. There will be lots of great gift ideas.

For those who know Sandy you will find all the joy and enthusiasm she exhibits personally, reflected in her artwork.

She is planning great things to come, so stay tuned, or better yet, I'll keep you posted.

– Curtis

August 10, 2010

The Creative Commandments?

Are there such things as 'Creative commandments'? We live in an age where things are done on the fly, we make up a lot as we go along, and hard and fast rules tend to be frowned on. We're in the information age and things change so quickly. Besides, 'Creative commandments' sounds like an oxymoron.

I think, however, that there are Creative Commandments. To communicate and idea or thought on a personal and motivational level requires some control, guidance perhaps. I've heard it said that a fine artist pleases himself, a designer pleases the client.

I would like to suggest the following 5 commandments as a start:
• Keep the message simple.
• Sell one idea.
• Make a promise.
• Feature the name of your product or service.
• Give your product or service a distinct personality.

What do you think? To participate in a discussion on the topic click here.

July 27, 2010


Probably the best place for discussions will be on Facebook. Additional topics will be introduced. Currently we are talking about the use of 'Flash' on websites. If you should have a topic please feel free to suggest one.

To view, and participate click here or on the image on the left. There may be several topics so pick the one you like, check them all or start one of your own. – Curtis

July 12, 2010


The first and most important things to do before planning your advertising/marketing campaign are THINK about your business, and ANSWER the following questions. I know, of course you already know all this stuff. Or do you? I can't tell you how many times over the years I've worked with new and existing businesses that have found that by recording their results they actually learned something new.

If your serious about this, I suggest that you download and save to your local drive the following PDF and give it a fair try. – Curtis

Download Planning PDF Form

July 2, 2010

Welcome to
my new garden!

What more fitting occasion to move to my new garden than on 4th of July weekend. This gives me more room to cover new topics including Planning, Corporate Identity Evaluation, Ad Copy, Case Studies, and much more. I'll be covering each of these topics in the coming weeks and provide links to resources and even some working materials available for download. Some subjects will be simple, others complex, but all will have one thing in common, experience. I'm not offering hypothetical concepts, but actual methods and examples that have been used by clients over the course of 40 years in the fields of Design, Advertising and Marketing.

Have a great holiday and I'll see you when I return. – Curtis

June 9, 2010

Ogilvy on Advertising

The following appeared on Facebook and kicked off the series "How to Grow a Business" where it may be viewed in it's entirety. All future installments of the series may be viewed here.

Announcing "How to Grow a Business". Whether it's a new business or an existing one, I've got some practical advice that may help. In the coming weeks I'll be talking about my Growth Matrix, not the Ansoff Matrix (we'll cover it briefly anyway) and some simple ways to improve your prospects. First we'll be talking about G-R-O-W-T-H and what it means. I'll be in the garden tomorrow, so in the meantime, you might want to check out one of my favorite books:

Ogilvy On Advertising

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"How to grow a Business"

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